Fermilab LInC Online

Luigi's Lecture Hall

Well met! and welcome to Luigi's Lecture Hall, the first stage of your apprenticeship! Please, be seated at the table over there.

As an apprentice, you will eventually be preparing yourself to eventually present your masterpiece at the Great Guild Hall - hired out as a journeyman, or hired day laborer for one of our town's projects. As you proceed through your Renaissance apprenticeship period , you will want to learn as much as possible about your chosen field (or the field chosen for you). As you gather information during your research and working with your master, you will be gaining the needed skills that will be reflected in a final masterpiece. Your goal is to be hired as a journeyman (or journeywoman) by one of the best masters!

Remember, the skills that are reflected in your masterpiece must mirror the advances and limitations of Renaissance.

You musn't appear a clodpate before the jury of masters later on, so be sure to note the names of famous fellow apprentices and masters who have paved the way for the ideas that you eventually use for your masterpiece. Failure to do so is looked down upon as thievery and could end your apprenticeship and land you in court, or worse: one of our jails, neither a pleasant experience during our time.

To get you started, consider the following questions as you decide upon which guild to petition. These self-same questions are what you must learn during your apprenticeship. I'm quite certain that you will have your own questions, as well, as you gain experience during your apprenticeship; jot them down and answer them as you proceed.

Available apprenticeships:
And, my . . . yes, yes, yes. For the fairer ones in this room, one must excuse my use of 'he' - after all, our world is a man's world, as you will come to discover.
Apprentice to an Architect designing a Palatial Estate, Cathedral, Hospital, University, Globe Theatre, place of business, designing a town mall (marketplace)
Apprentice to a Mercer, Dealer in Cloth, Spinner of Cloth, Clothing Shoppe Merchant to outfit the royal entourage for an upcoming wedding.
Apprentice to a Barber, Physician, Herbalist (Apothecary) to staff a new hospital.
Apprentice to an Alchemist, Scientist, Astronomer to engage in scientific inquiry and design new tools.
Apprentice to a Lawyer, Judge, or Banker to prepare for an upcoming trial
Apprentice to a Shipbuilder, Mapmaker, Carpenter, Armourer, Physician, Butcher, or Astronomer readying for a lengthy voyage
Apprentice to an Artist, Glassblower, Sculptor, Musician, Musical Instrument Maker or Composer to prepare for a festival or wedding feast or to work on art commissioned for a cathedral.
Apprentice to a Master Cook/Chef for a banquet or festival
Apprentice to a Master Printer setting up a new print shop in England.



Once you have decided upon which apprenticeship you wish to enter into, you are ready to go to Guild Hall. Good travels to you!!

Report to Entrance of Guild Hall


Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office, Friends of Fermilab, United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, and North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).
Authors: Bonnie Panagakis, Chris Marszalek, Linda Mazanek
School: Twin Groves Junior High School, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089
Created: December 3, 1997 - Updated: