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Now that we have determined how a greenhouse with certain features will help us meet curriculum needs, have chosen some possible designs, and prepared cost estimates; we need to research the different funding resources available. For this section of the project you will be divided into four teams of six.  Each team will consist of three students from each class.  This phase is being set up in this manner in order to take into consideration both disciplines and to locate as many different sources as possible.

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Team one will concentrate on educational grants.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Team two will concentrate on vocational grants in the areas of agriculture, contracting and construction.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Team three will concentrate on local sources, i.e., financial donations, materials, volunteers (speakers, labor, greenhouse expertise, etc.)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Team four will concentrate on science grants.


7. Research and secure funding for construction of the greenhouse and the implementation of the curriculum.

As part of your presentation for this component, you need to provide a list of resources that you searched. For each prospective funding source, you must provide the following information:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Name and address of organization/individual
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Contact person
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Type of funding (grant, materials, time, etc.)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Restrictions
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Deadlines
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Copies/notes from any communications you've had with organization/individual
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Your assessment of the viability of this funding source
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Other pertinent information


Are there other resources which should be available? If so, let us know and we will be glad to add them to the list.

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Tips for Writing Grants
An excellent resource for all of your "grant" needs including additional links
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) The Body, Heart & Soul of GRANT WRITING
Judith Prebyls' guide to grants and grant writing
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Grants and related resources
This web site is intended as a starting point for elementary and secondary school administrators and teachers who are interested
in learning more about foundations, fundraising, proposal writing, etc.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) The New Hampshire Department of Education
A direct link to grants and funding at the Department of Education. Also go to their "Search the site" link and try your own approach

Be sure to check out the rubric which will be used to evaluate this component of the project for further detail on the necessary sections that must be included.

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