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Project Approval

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The work of all the previous phases of our Greenhouse Project is now complete. We have determined:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Why we need the greenhouse for our curriculum (Needs Assessment)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) What styles, features and sites are common to a greenhouse (Greenhouse Basics)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Possible designs, sites, and cost estimates for our greenhouse (Building Design)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Funding sources for our greenhouse (Funding)

We are now ready to coordinate the information from each section's presentation into a comprehensive proposal which will be presented to the Pemi-Baker Regional School Board. You will be assigned as a member of one of four teams of six. Each team will consist of three students from each class. The instructor will determine these teams. Each team will need to select a leader. All students will need to be a leader for one of the components of this project.

One team will prepare the presentation for one of the following areas:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Demonstrate how the greenhouse will support the curriculum
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Demonstrate the style and location that is proposed for our greenhouse
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Outline the material/equipment costs and the sources of funding for our greenhouse
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Outline the construction process and timeline for our greenhouse

In addition to the four teams above, there will be one student chosen to prepare an introduction and a conclusion for the project presentation. This will meet that students leadership component requirement.


8. Prepare a final project proposal.
9. Present the building proposal to the Facilities Committee of the Pemi-Baker Regional School Board for approval

Your presentation to the School Board will be done in two formats. An oral presentation will address the main points necessary to inform the Board on their major concerns, as described in the introduction above. A written report will address the same points, but will provide all necessary supporting data, which might include specific funding sources, scale diagram of the greenhouse and site, list of materials, construction timeline chart, documentation of sources of information, etc.


To assist with your presentation, you now may wish to draw upon expertise of other individuals and programs at Plymouth Regional High School. Business instructors and students may be asked for assistance in developing a Microsoft PowerPoint or Corel Presentation program. The library media and other staff and students may be utilized for assistance in using such technology as overhead projectors, LCD panels, and LCD/video projector. Assistance may be sought from other staff and students on speaking and presentation techniques, professional appearance, written report binding, etc.

Also be sure to view the rubric that will be used to evaluate your work on this portion of the project.

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Authors: Ina Ahern, Mardean Badger, and Doug Ross
School: Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth, New Hampshire
Created: April 28, 1999 - Updated: May 03, 1999