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Greenhouse Basics


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Although we presently do not know the exact needs of the science department, we can begin consideration of some of the issues which will need to be addresed in any plan:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Understand the different styles and features common to a greenhouse
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Evaluate possible sites
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Determine equipment to be used in the greenhouse

For this section of the project you will be assigned as a member of one of four teams of three students. The instructor will determine these teams. Each team will need to select a leader. All students will need to be a leader for one of the components of this project.

Each team will consist of:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) One construction technology III student
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Two construction technology II students

One team will investigate each of the following areas:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Different styles and features common to a greenhouse
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Best site available for the greenhouse, taking into consideration the direction and exposure to the sun
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) HVAC systems necessary for the greenhouse
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Interior equipment, plumbing and electrical necessary for the greenhouse


3. Understand the different styles and features common to a greenhouse
4. Evaluate possible sites for the greenhouse.

You are responsible for reporting (orally) all of the information pertinent to the project. A hard copy of your report is also necessary for the instructor. A bibliography is mandatory for all work

At the conclusion of your team's work, you will make a presentation to a joint meeting of both classes which shares the details, strengths and weaknesses of each style and feature. This presentation should summarize the decisions you made regarding all the features of the greenhouse (shape, size, location, construction materials; heating, cooling, and humidity considerations; plumbing, electrical and interior equipment) and the reasons you made these decisions.


To locate the pertinent information, you will find it necessary to use a variety of types of materials and sources.

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) the Internet
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) CD's from the vocational library
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) the library media center
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) any individual currently involved in the use of a greenhouse
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) site visits to any of the local greenhouses

Also be sure to view the rubric that will be used to evaluate your work.

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Authors: Ina Ahern, Mardean Badger, and Doug Ross
School: Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth, New Hampshire
Created: March 21,1999 - Updated: May 04, 1999