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Student Assessment

Memo to Students Needs Assessment Greenhouse Basics Building Design Funding
Project Approval Construction Leadership Student Assessment General Resources
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Needs Assessment Greenhouse Basics Building Design Funding Project Approval Leadership

Your grade on this project will be based on a variety of tasks and evaluation will take place at various points in the project. The major sections of the project are:



Needs Assessment (Physical Science) or Greenhouse Basics (Building Trades) 50
Building Design 100
Funding 50
Approval 100
Leadership 50

Each of these sections has its own rubric that can be accessed through the hyperlink. It is recommended that you reference these rubrics as you work on each section of the overall project.

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Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office
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Authors: Ina Ahern, Mardean Badger, and Doug Ross
School: Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth, NH
Created: March 21,1999 - Updated: May 03, 1999