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Memo to Students

As you know, we have been working on getting an addition to our building for the last few years. On Saturday, March 20, on our third attempt, the public approved the $6.3 million bond issue at the school district meeting. One of the primary areas being addressed in the building is the science facility — we will be renovating the current classrooms and adding four new classrooms at the back of the building.

In the normal process of taking a building from concept to finished plan, many hard decisions and choices are made as to what to include or exclude — and one that affected us was the elimination of a greenhouse early in the process. Often, however, there are ways to accomplish building projects (especially a smaller project) other than through bond issues.

After a careful review of several options, the school has decided to work with an in-house team. Therefore, Ms. Ahern's Physical Science class and Mr. Ross's Construction Technology II & III class have been appointed as the consultants and contractors for the Plymouth Regional High School Greenhouse Project.

As consultants and contractors for the project, you have been assigned the following tasks to complete.

f1_12.gif (936 bytes) Needs Assessment
1. Determine why a greenhouse is necessary to meet curriculum needs.
2. Determine what features are necessary in the greenhouse to meet curriculum needs.
f1_12.gif (936 bytes) Greenhouse Basics
3. Understand the different styles and features common to a greenhouse.
4. Evaluate possible sites for the greenhouse.
f1_12.gif (936 bytes) Building Design
5. Determine the best site for the greenhouse.
6. Create a design for the greenhouse.
f1_12.gif (936 bytes) Funding
7. Research and secure funding for construction of the greenhouse and
the implementation of the curriculum
f1_12.gif (936 bytes) Project Approval
8. Prepare a final project proposal.
9. Present the building proposal to the Facilities Committee of the Pemi-Baker Regional School Board for approval.
f1_12.gif (936 bytes) Construction
10. Construct the greenhouse.


At some point during the project, you will need to take a leadership role on one of the committees. As a leader, you will be responsible for communication with the instructors and between physical science and construction technology students and for ensuring that the project component is completedon schedule.

To assist you in this project, we have provided you with some General Resources, along with guidelines and resources for each of the tasks above. Also be sure to view the rubrics which will be used to evaluate your work.

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Authors: Ina Ahern, Mardean Badger, and Doug Ross
School: Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth, New Hampshire
Created: March 21,1999 - Updated: May 04, 1999

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