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Watch streaming video of the talks from our celebrations of physics, chemistry, biology, and the interplay among them; click on the speaker's name below. We regret that some of the lectures cannot be played on a Mac.

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Symposium VII: October 7, 2009

Nolan Flynn – Biomaterials: Making the Bionic Human

Holly Goodson – Molecular Engines and Nano-Train-Tracks

Geza Gyul – Telescopes from Galileo to VERITAS

Pier Oddone – Welcome

David Saltzberg – Neutrino Hunting Using High Altitude Balloons and Antarctica

Symposium VI: October 8, 2008

Jeffrey Berryhill – Big Science's Next Big Bang: The Large Hadron Collider

Carl Haber – Imaging the Voices of the Past: Using Physics to Restore Historical Sound Recordings

Pier Oddone – Welcome

Mark Ratner – Nano 201: A Gentle Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

Marsha Rosner – Signaling Pathways and Cancer: How Can We Suppress Metastasis? (Streaming video unavailable.)

Symposium V: May 22, 2006

Hilary Godwin – Lead Poisoning: Advances and Challenges

Sidney Nagel – Physics at the Breakfast Table

Pier Oddone – Welcome

Stephen Pruett-Jones – Animal Mating Systems: What We See and What We Don't

Chris Quigg – The Nature of Science

Symposium IV: October 8, 2005

See the World Year of Physics Symposium page to view the streaming talks from our fourth symposium.

Symposium III: February 27, 2004

Marcos Antezana – Gene Sequences and Gene Function; Gene Expression and Aging; or the Value of Looking the Other Way

Harold Garner – Research at the Interface of Biomedicine and the Physical Sciences

Neil Kelleher – How a Chemist Needs Computer Science, Biology, and Engineering to Push the Limits of Modern Mass Spectrometry

Leon Lederman – Closing Thoughts

J. Craig Venter – Genome Sequencing

Symposium II: March 16, 2002

Stephen Best – Handheld Computers in the Science Classroom (streamed session not available)

Susan Dahl – Inquiry Process Circus (streamed session not available)

Bonnie Fleming – Neutrinos: Lots of Surprises in a Small Package

Thomas Greytak – 70-Year Quest Ends in Success: Bose-Einstein Condensation, the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics

George Lisensky and Amy Payne – Incorporating Nanotechnology into the Curriculum (streamed session not available)

Rich Marvin – Using Technology to Engage Students in Science (streamed session not available)

Laurens Mets – Genetic Engineering and Food

Chris Stoughton – Astronomers Observe

David Thornburg and Norma Thornburg – The Pedagogy of Passion (streamed session not available)

Fred Ullrich – The Thinking in Photography (streamed session not available)

Symposium I: March 18, 2000

David J. Anderson – Finch Beaks Crack More Than Seeds

Janet Conrad and Len Bugel – How do We Know?

Douglas K. Duncan – What is Science? The Shocking difference between what scientists think, and what students think—and what to do about it.

Heather Q. Farrar and Peter Konecki – Astronomy and Cosmology in the K-12 Classroom (streamed session not available)

Rocky Kolb – The First Second in the Life of the Universe

Leon M. Lederman and a panel of teachers – Reflections on the Day (streamed session not available)

Gabrielle Lyon and Melanie Wojtulewicz – Evolution in the K-12 Classroom (streamed session not available)

Clifford N. Matthews – Cosmochemistry and the Origin of Life

J. Madeleine Nash – Beyond Creationism: A Reporter's Eye View of World Views in Collision

P. James E. Peebles – The Large-scale Nature of the Universe (streamed session not available)

Chris Quigg – The Nature of Science

Paul C. Sereno – Dinosaurs and Deep Time: The Science and Art of Reconstructing the Past

Timothy E. Toohig – Physics Research: Search for God

Michael S. Turner – What the Universe Is Made of and How We Know It (streamed session not available)

Trudy R. Turner – Primates and Evolution: Examples from the Field

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